We tell our children to “get organized,” “try harder,” and to “live up to their potential.”   When they don’t succeed, many children will disengage from the classroom environment by daydreaming or by being disruptive.  Why would any child want to be involved in anything that makes them feel badly about themselves?  Every child wants to succeed, but they won’t and can’t if they don’t know the specifics of how to succeed.

    These Success Strategies work well with any child, from high achievers to poor achievers, and all those in-between.  These easy-to-learn skills encourage Thinking More DeliberatelyPaying Attention, and Getting the Work Done, and are supported by a system of internal and external easy plans that students can use in elementary school through college, and beyond.  Knowing how to Plan, Pay Attention, and Get the Work Done are indicators of happiness and success in life, not just in school.

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Devon Atkins
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How Can I Help My Child Become
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Teaching Your Child How To Be a More Confident Student.