Customized Summer Learning

        Summer is a 10-week period of time that seems to stretch out much, much longer.  But, it doesn’t.  No matter how we romanticize it, it’s just 10 weeks. So, what can we do? 

        Be assured that your child and family can take advantage of the delightfulness of summer while catching up on skills that were never learned or should be stronger:  math, academic writing, reading retention, listening skills, organization.  The result is always the same:  Learning and knowing more, results in a more confident and more productive student.  But how can that work?  After all, it’s summer!

        The secret is to customize the learning to your child and your summer.  It’s  a time of flexibility and fun, and I always plan with that in mind, allowing for the flexibility to miss/skip sessions, to allow for time away from academic coaching, or to skip a a week or two.  Learning can be even scheduled for your child with a friend!  Most anything is possible, and, most any length of coaching can be created. 

        Also, fun can be a vital component in customizing your child’s learning!  I’ve had students write a summer newsletter, spend the summer being the “money man” for a family building project, or be the trip planner for a family vacation.  All are fun and practical ways to strengthen academic and organizational skills with tangible, practical results!  The possibilities are endless, and are always about who your child is and what your child needs.

        We can do most anything, including more traditional tutoring, two, three, or six week sessions, any time this summer.  Just give me a call, and talk with me about your child, and what the challenges and triumphs were this last year.  Or, have your child call me!  Together we can figure it out.

That’s how this year’s Summer Writing Groups began!

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