“I have already passed information regarding your workshop to any incoming

6th grade parents I know.  It really helped Camryn get ready for the rigors of McMurray (Middle School).  I am sure my son, Kjell, will be on your roster next August!”

Catherine MacLean

Vashon, WA

     “I was in tears during my first conversation, five years ago, with Devon.  I didn't know what to do.  My son was lost in sixth grade, failing classes, unorganized, angry and unhappy at finding everything so difficult, and utterly refusing help from me.  School seemed impossible for him in those days, and our home life and relationship suffered as we fought nightly over homework.

     Devon came to our aid, and has been tutoring him since then, and my son is now a successful high school junior:  self-motivated, hard-working, a competent reader and writer, and in love with history and music.  I really do not think that he would be such a happy and successful student (or person) if Devon hadn't helped him out of that angry frustration of a kid for whom school was not easy.  Devon has fostered his strong will, and turned it in a positive direction.  She has given him confidence in his abilities and the tools to pursue his goals. “

Sissel Johannessen

Vashon, WA

     "Devon is not only a tutor but a great mentor and friend to have. She will teach you how to be more organized and keeping  yourself on task in school as well as tell you important things about life in general, which often include stories that relate to the issue from Devon's personal experience".

Jack Johannessen

VHS Senior (started with Devon in 6th grade)

     Devon’s hands-on, strategic teaching approach has made a meaningful difference in the academic life of our son (8th-9th grade). Goal oriented, persistent, and practical, Devon maps out realistic, ambitious short and long range plans for success. Her “Get Organized” workshop takes a straightforward, smart approach to building organizational skills.

Karen Chachkes

Vashon, WA

So, what do the students and their parents say?

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