The Strategies

      After tutoring students for years around her dining room table, Devon Atkins learned that all of her students were unprepared or underprepared for dealing well with the rigors of middle school, high school, and college.  She found that they achieved more, and felt happier at school, when they used strategies that encouraged them to Think More Deliberately, because Thinking More Deliberately resulted in Better Attention and Work Ethic.

     Eventually, Atkins invited small groups of children to come to her house to learn these strategies together.  Teachers and administrators of McMurray Middle School (Vashon, WA) encouraged Atkins to create workshops that incorporated these Strategies.  In 2004, the Success Strategies workshops were created with the help of these same teachers and administrators, who had noticed that Atkins’ students were more confident and successful in school.  

     The student workshops vary in length, but all workshops are limited to 12 students each, and are grade level specific.  Each workshop day, parents are emailed an update of what their child is learning that day and what the homework assignment will be.  (And, yes, there is always homework assigned, and it generally takes about 15 minutes each day.  The idea is that children learn the Strategies, and then practice them every day of the workshop, both at the workshop and at home.) Students enjoy the engaging, interactive workshop environment; teachers appreciate the attention to organization and study skills; and, parents value the summary of the day’s activities and assignments that is emailed to them each day of the Workshop.

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The Strategies
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