One-to-One Learning

“Not only has Devon helped me become a more organized and successful

student, but she's a smart and understanding mentor to me as well!"

Duncan Ende, Vashon High School Student

        My students are a varied group. They range from fifth grade through college, and beyond.  Some have struggled for years, some are challenged by a single academic issue or year.  Many do well, but want to do better and happier.  What they all have in common is a need to learn how to learn and manage better.

        Parents are encouraged to be as involved as much as it works for the student and the student’s family, and are welcome to call, email, and meet as often as they wish. Parents will receive news of goals and gains as the tutoring sessions progress.  Additionally, parents are encouraged to attend the Strategies for Parents workshop to learn how to be more supportive of their child’s school experience.

        Tutoring begins with two one-hour sessions each week to teach, monitor, and reinforce academic skills while reinforcing planning and deliberate thinking.  This new set of patterns is integrated into the student’s life so that planning and strategizing becomes part of each day, so that the student gains more confidence, using a series of easy-to-learn strategies that are easily realized.  Students learn right away that the tutor-student relationship is not just about grades or even school; it’s about having an ally and mentor who enjoys and respects them.  The goal of tutoring is a child’s increased competence and confidence, and eventual independence.

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